Logistics region Leipzig-Halle

The Leipzig-Halle region is one of the top logistics regions in Germany. Both the combination of available logistics-related site factors as well as the number of existing logistics companies with setups here are above average compared with the rest of Germany.

In order to advance the logistics branch in the region even further, solid data and information is required that shows both the current situation as well as chances for future development. For this reason, Netzwerk Logistik Leipzig-Halle has commissioned the Fraunhofer task force for supply chain services (SCS) to perform a current site appraisal for the logistics region which contents you find partial on the following sites:

The study was completed in January 2012 and is available upon request from Logistik Netzwerk Leipzig-Halle. Both “internal” interests from the fields of politics, economic development and the logistics network, as well as “external” companies, associations and potential setups can use it to form a clear picture of Leipzig-Halle as a logistics region.

Presentation of logistics region

The Leipzig-Halle logistics region has made out a tremendous development over the last twenty years to a modern, high-performance business location with international importance.

Through the settlement of renowned companies such as DHL, Amazon or BMW and Porsche, it exhibits excellent references. To be able to play in the League of top European logistics locations, it requires close cooperation between businesses and politics. Only in this way the attractiveness of the site can be marketed best and its development be promoted. The network shall carry out this task of logistics.

In addition to automotive, chemicals & plastics, photovoltaic, biotechnology, IT, microelectronics and optoelectronics in particular the logistics sector has established itself as a major economic power in Central Germany.

Logistics companies of different sizes with different specializations and guidelines offer individual services for their customers. Companies which settle in the region, can rely on a comprehensive know-how and specialized logistics solutions for their goods-flows.

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